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My father’s long dedication to helping others inspired me from an early age. His decision to establish a group home for at-risk and troubled youth over 30 years ago impacted the lives of thousands of people. It was a turning point for our family too, as we’ve been in the business ever since.

After retiring from the US Marines, where I served during 9/11, I worked as a caregiver for nearly a decade. Now I volunteer in my community: drawing from my father’s legacy, I opened a sober living organization for veterans. The program connected families by reuniting parents with their children.

At the organization, I’ve noticed how having your loved ones around you is a major part of any healing process. And since most of the time these veterans, or anyone in a similar situation, can’t actually be with their families, pictures can help them remember how much they’re cherished and loved.

That’s where the idea for Stayn Connectd comes from. I realized anyone with either a temporary or a permanent mobility problem would benefit enormously from having a set of pictures of their family and friends clipped to their walkers, wheelchair, and bed. These are people who might have a harder time reaching out to a drawer or a bedside table, so our Clip Pic keeps these photos close to them all the time and helps them fully recover.”

- George, Founder of Stayn Connectd

Stayn Connectd has created an accessory kit to be used on walkers, wheelchairs, and hospital bed rails to hold photos in view or hold a small clipboard to help keep track of notes.

Kit contains the following:

  • Photo frame to insert family/ pet picture, bringing happy thoughts to work as a motivator for a speedy recovery.
  • Small clipboard for note keeping.
  • Magnetized clip to hold items. 

Loneliness & Social Isolation Among Older Adults

A quarter of seniors aged 65 and older face social isolation due to living alone, poor health, and distance from or loss of loved ones and friends. This kind of isolation can negatively impact mental health, as well as increase the risk of certain chronic diseases and severe medical conditions, such as dementia and depression, by 50%. Loneliness among the elderly has become an epidemic, particularly in care homes.

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