My father’s long dedication to helping others inspired me from an early age. His decision to establish a group home for at-risk and troubled youth over 30 years ago impacted the lives of thousands of people. It was a turning point for our family too, as we’ve been in the business ever since.

After retiring from the US Marines, where I served during 9/11, I worked as a caregiver for nearly a decade. Now I volunteer in my community: drawing from my father’s legacy, I opened a sober living organization for veterans. The program connected families by reuniting parents with their children.

At the organization, I’ve noticed how having your loved ones around you is a major part of any healing process. And since most of the time these veterans, or anyone in a similar situation, can’t actually be with their families, pictures can help them remember how much they’re cherished and loved.

That’s where the idea for Stayn Connectd comes from. I realized anyone with either a temporary or a permanent mobility problem would benefit enormously from having a set of pictures of their family and friends clipped to their walkers, wheelchair, and bed. These are people who might have a harder time reaching out to a drawer or a bedside table, so our Clip Pic keeps these photos close to them all the time and helps them fully recover.”

- George, Founder of Stayn Connectd